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NOVEMBER 18, 2017

Waterfront Park in Safety Harbor, FLA 


SAfety Harbor Centennial

Safety Harbor is celebrating 100 years!


Rich History

Safety Harbor was a newly-incorporated city in 1917. George Campbell was elected mayor and there were two city commissioners, three men hoping to establish local regulations to make life better for the town’s residents; working-class folks who hunted game and grew their own food. Imagine living here one hundred years ago. Wild boars roamed the streets and residents contended with frequent fires, rattlesnakes, alligators, incessant mosquitos, and sometimes, even panthers. Citrus groves covered much of the land and very few crops cooperated with the sandy soil. Clothing was made from whatever a family could manage, and children walked to a one‐room school house, most without the luxury of shoes.
Now, one hundred years later, Safety Harbor hosts a bustling community through its recreation department, sports teams, special events, clubs, bars and restaurants and still, its walkable streets. We’ve come a long way and there are thousands call Safety Harbor home. This year we celebrate the difficulties and triumphs of those who came before us. Without their dedication, we would not be able to enjoy the thriving community we all appreciate today.

Citrus beauty

Originally settled by the Tocobaga tribe, prehistoric Safety Harbor served as one of the largest settlements in their chiefdom. However, the introduction of Spanish explorers in 1528 gave way to folklore surrounding the local area and mineral springs—they were named the Espiritu Santo Springs in 1539 by Hernando de Soto duringhis search for the famed Fountain of Youth.

Homesteaders followed the Spanish, and one of Pinellas County’s most famous homesteaders, Odet Philippe remains most well-known for his contributions to the local citrus industry—a booming industry throughout most of Florida’s modern history. Making Safety Harbor the first in Florida to cultivate the grapefruit through his introduction of this citrus beauty, Philippe joined other pioneer families such as the Booths and McMullens in establishing Safety Harbor and Pinellas County—the land of pines.

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Folk'N Fruit Fest


The newest folk music & arts fest to come to the Tampa Bay area finds its home in historic downtown Safety Harbor's Waterfront Park. Hosting a free-to-all Musical Lineup of critically acclaimed national and local acts, a Home Brew Fest, a Food Fest, and folk art activities for kids and adults, Folk'N Fruit provides a day of entertainment for folks of all ages. Buy a ticket to sample and vote on the beers and food, sign-up to compete in the Food Competition or Brew Competition, visit booths from Bay area brands, and enjoy the performers, beer vendors, and folky-fare (Food Vendors and Food Trucks). Check out the Schedule to plan your visit to our favorite town, and soon-to-be favorite festival.


national headliner:

Magic Giant

Nationally acclaimed California Indie Band, Magic Giant is featured in
Rolling Stone's "10 Artists You Need To Know"



Joshua reilly and the
corn-fed locals

Complete Festival Schedule and Musical Line-Up Coming Soon



Noon - 10pm, Nov. 18th




Starts at 2pm, Nov. 18th



Starts at 2:00pm, Nov. 18th



Centennial games

Noon - 10pm, Nov. 18th



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